Rødhus is really all about nature.

The house is located in Rødhus on the west coast of Northern Jutland, Denmark. It is a short drive from the city of Aalborg, with Aalborg Airport located 30km from Rødhus.

The house is located in the dunes and a stone’s throw away from the wide beach and the North Sea. The beach stretches for miles and miles both to the south and north and provides limitless opportunities for outdoor activities both in and out of the water.

You find the edge of Tranum National Park, just a couple of hundred meters south of the house, and as such there is an abundance of nature and wildlife all around the area.

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Rødhus is now a remnant of a small village which was abandoned a number of times over its history due to the very harsh conditions caused by the salt, wind and sand. There is still an active church in Rødhus. It is the second smallest church building in Denmark and it has no electrical lights, so it is possible to experience the special atmosphere of a candlelight service.

While Rødhus is really all about nature, it is a short distance from Blokhus and neighboring Hune that have both developed into vibrant tourist locations with a wide selection of shopping (bakery, supermarkets, specialty groceries, etc.), restaurants, art galleries and attractions.